This call is initiated by Planlogi Ltd. based on the "Norway Grants Green ICT program 2014 - 2021" which aims to stimulate and develop innovation-led long-term business cooperation between Estonia and Norway.

partnership proposal

We are seeking a limited number of early adaptors in the Norvegian road transport market to be our partner in developing Planlogi according to the partner needs and market requirements. For this, we offer early adopter benefits on development, implementation and migration costs from other systems.

We are also looking for a strategic partner in developing the software further, being our partner in the Green ICT program for the next four years. 

main benefits for the project partner

Collaboration with Planlogi enables you to use your resources more efficiently. The processes within your organization will be better optimized, the whole supply chain will become transparent. Orders are sent directly to drivers using on-line tablets, feedback on deliveries reaches head-office immediately enabling prompt invoicing. Digitization leads to higher quality of data, reduces the risk of errors due to duplicate content, increases transparency across the logistics chain for all parties involved. Significantly greater security of supply and movement of goods and, most importantly, allows for measurable time and money savings. For a strategic partner in Green ICT program – 45% of development costs covered by project funding, including salary costs.

type of partner sought

If you are operating in a road-freight business in Norway, if you have 5-100 trucks, 1-10 logistic operators, you are using some out-of-date system today (Excel, Google Drive etc.) and you feel the need to be more efficient in your business – then we are able to help you and be your software partner. We are also looking for cooperation with Logistics Associations etc.


Planlogi is a software company, fully specialized in helping domestic road-transportation companies to manage their business digitally. By digitalizing the full flow of documents from ordering to delivery and invoicing, our customers have enjoyed large savings of their costs and time.

Planlogi is a web-based work tool for logistics organizers, bookkeepers, lorry drivers, company managers and also their customers. It is easily accessible by a computer or through a tablet from anywhere in the world via the internet. As a SaaS software, there are constant weekly updates to the program that are free of charge to users – all included in a monthly fee. Lorry-drivers get their work tasks and do their reporting of digital PODs in real-time through easy and intuitive software running on handheld devices. Invoicing can be done immediately after delivery of goods and statistics give you an exact overview of your transactions. Efficiency is increased in different levels of the company already within weeks.

fall in love with our features

driver's notes

proof of delivery

fleet optimization

reports export

photo proofs

problems report

connecting with other services

Address book

automatic price lists

Digital pod android app

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